Horoscope Set to Music

Horoscope means "hourly show" (from the ancient Greek ὥρα hōra hour and Κοίτα show). A horoscope of birth is a look from the place of birth to the ecliptic on which the planets move. The planets are at that moment at certain angular intervals of the zodiac. If it is the angle of a geometric figure, such as an equilateral triangle, this angle can be represented musically.

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Johannes Kepler discovered the laws of planetary orbits at the beginning of the 17th century. He owed these discoveries, among other things, to his study of the harmonic relationships in the geometric figures and the musical intervals. In his comprehensive work "World Harmonics", Kepler describes the analogy of musical intervals and geometric figures of planetary positions:

„As far as music is concerned, it is sufficient that an instrument string can be divided in the same way as it is divided in a circular curve by the side of an inscribable (geometrical) figure.“

An example: The equilateral triangle divides the circle into three equal sections and the tripartition of a string forms the musical fifth. This analogy of geometric figures and musical intervals makes it possible to set a horsocope to music. The harmonic angles of, for example, the sun to the planets, form a horoscope scale.

Kepler had arbitrarily chosen the keynote of the scale. Since Hans Cousto's discovery of the octave as a universal principle that extends beyond music, the fundamental frequency of a horoscope scale can also be determined.

The three basic frequencies of a birth chart
Three astronomical periods are essential timers of life on Earth, as shown by chronobiology, which studies our inner clock: the daily rotation of the Earth, the annual orbit of the Sun around the Earth, and the monthly orbit of the Moon around the Earth. The position of the Sun in the horoscope maps the time of day and season, and its angle to the Moon maps the phases of the Moon.

  • The time of day can be read by how far the sun is above or below the horizon in the sky. The zodiac of the ecliptic, on which the Sun, Moon and planets appear to move, rises as a result of the Earth's rotation at the Ascendant (AC) on the eastern horizon and sets opposite it in the west at the Descendant (DC). Medium Coeli (MC) and Imum Coeli (IC) form the south-north axis. The four points in the horoscope - AC, MC, DC and IC - pass through the zodiac in a daily rhythm. The angular relationships of their positions to the planets result in the respective scale with the earth day tone G 194.18 Hz as basic frequency. 
  • The sign of the zodiac in which the sun is at the moment shows the time of the year (the season). The scale from the sun to the planets and other points has the earth year tone C# 136.10 Hz as basic frequency.
  • The phases of the Earth's moon repeat monthly, so the scale from its position in the zodiac is based on the moon tone G# 210.42 Hz

Horoscope music data service

Let us calculate and display your data for the horoscope dubbing, also audiovisually.
horosdata Basic contains the basic data and a colormusic chart image.
horosdata Video additionally contains an audiovisual animation of the scale.

horosdata Basic 

* Tuning data sheet
After analyzing the musical relationships in the horoscope, the starting point is chosen which is most extensively geometrically/musically connected with the planets and other points. The info sheet contains all tuning data needed for a horoscope music.

* colormusic horoscope image
The horoscope picture shows the positions of the celestial bodies in the zodiac with the harmonic connections from the keynote to the planets and the other relevant points, represented in the colors of the musical scale.

Horosdata Basic
198,- € (inkl 19% Mwst.; netto 166,39 €)


Kepler's horoscope image


horosdata Video

• tuning data sheet
• colormusic horoscope image
• colormusic horoscope video

To get a first feeling of the calculated harmonies, the scale can be heard and seen in the video..

horosdata Video
540,- €
(inkl 19% Mwst.; netto 453,78 €)


Fritz Dobretzberger
1:51 min.

Composing your personal horoscope music
by Steve Schroyder

J. E. Berendt

Steve Schroyder went on to explore outer space musically as a child, building a dummy spaceship around his piano. In the early 1970s, he played with Tangerine Dream on the albums "Alpha Centauri" and "Time." In 1990, in close collaboration with Hans Cousto, he began to make music with the tuning frequencies of the Cosmic Octave and since then has also been turning horoscope data into music.

You get from a renowned composer your very personal music, a music that speaks for you, because it contains the same vibration patterns as the configuration of the solar system seen from Earth at the moment of your birth.

Horoscope set to live music

We also accompany special occasions astromusically to celebrate them live in real time with the harmony of each current planetary constellation. Here are a few examples from the past::

Solipse Festival on August 11, 1999 in Hungary on the occasion of the total solar eclipse with soundtrack of the planetary constellation at that time. For more about this please click here (text in German)

Venus-Transit on June 8, 2004, when the planet Venus moved directly over the solar disk, the Sonnenklang-Festival took place in Austria. During the six hours of the transit Steve Schroyder and the Star Sounds Orchestra played live based on the calculated horoscope sound material. Excerpts of the long concert have been released by Planetware Records: click here

Liquid Sound Festival on the occasion of the full moon on November 26, 2004.  Highlight of this event was the horoscope setting, which was played by Steve Schroyder, Jens Zygar and Barnim Schultze. The tone was set by the full moon and its position in the planetary configuration. The geometric pattern of the planetary constellation was musically reflected at the same moment. More about this: click here (text in German)
Video "Liquid Moon" (live horoscope setting), Youtube 3:31 min.

Solipse Festival on March 29, 2006 in Turkey on the occasion of the total solar eclipse with horoscope setting by Steve Schroyder and the Star Sounds Orchestra. More: click here (text in German)

Interested in your own horoscope setting?

If you are interested in the data service for the calculation and audiovisual display of your personal horoscope scale, as well as in an individual music composition by Steve Schroyder based on your horoscope data, please contact us.